Travel and Wellness Planning Coaching Calls

My wellness travel planning coaching calls will help you to travel in a healthy and fulfilling way. Travel should be tons of fun, but without derailing your fitness or wellness goals. It’s no fun having a great vacation only to come home with a few extra pounds or an upset stomach.

Wellness Travel Planning Power Hour

This call is for clients who are looking for guidance on how to travel in a healthier way. I will provide a detailed questionnaire for you to fill out prior to our coaching call. This way, I know exactly what support you need and how to best help you.

During our call, based on your responses and areas of need, I will guide you on how to navigate the food options while away, as well as how to incorporate fitness into your travels. And don’t worry, I won’t send you to the hotel gym unless, of course, you want me to 😉

Wellness Travel Planning coaching services

Wellness Travel Coaching Support

If after our initial call, you’d like support during your travels, as well as a post-trip debrief, I offer these more comprehensive services. I can be available via WhatsApp during your trip to help you make decisions and support you as needed.

Health and wellness are a way of life, not a fad or trend. For those new to living a healthier or more active lifestyle, I understand that you may need more support than others. And I am here for you.

Why pick me?

I eat, breathe, and live wellness. I have 12 years of being a fitness instructor. I used to own a vitamin and supplement store. I worked in the natural health foods industry for over 15 years. And to this day, I practice what I preach. You might see me in the gym in the morning but also at the pub in the evening.

I want people to lead healthier, but more fulfilling lives. Beyond the fast fix. I believe in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. And I practise what I preach.

Contact me for your wellness travel planning needs

Contact me today if you are interested in working together so I can arm you with the tools you need to enjoy your travels while maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

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