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Is the Atlantis Bahamas resort worth it?

The Atlantis on Paradise Island in Nassau, Bahamas was on my travel bucket list for years so I was ecstatic to finally have the opportunity to stay here and write this Atlantis Bahamas review for you. I had an amazing vacation at Atlantis.

If you just want me to cut to the chase, yes booking Atlantis Bahamas is worth it! Even though the price point is high, we made amazing bucket list memories that we’ll remember forever. It was worth every penny. After all, that’s what bucket list trips are – expensive but worth it!

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In this Atlantis Bahamas Resort review, I will provide my experience staying at The Cove, which is the most expensive hotel at the Atlantis Bahamas resort.

Staying at The Cove at Atlantis was spectacular. The experience was absolutely worth it. I wish the food had been a bit better, but overall we had an amazing vacation. It’s hard to have a bad day when you wake up to these views…

atlantis paradise island nassau bahamas
The view of the beach from the patio of my room at The Cove Hotel

Atlantis Bahamas Review – The Cove Hotel

We stayed at The Cove because it was just the two of us and we wanted a luxury vacation. It was absolutely stunning. While pricey, I highly recommend staying at The Cove. The entrance, hallways, service, and our room were all excellent.

We had a suite with two queen beds and a sunken living room with a sofa and a desk. The beds were very comfortable, and so were the pillows. I don’t know about you, but cloud-like pillows make all the difference for me!

Atlantis entrance to The Cove Hotel
The stunning, wide-open entrance to The Cove Hotel at Atlantis Bahamas

When we arrived, we found a beach bag, water bottles and flip-flops waiting for us in our room. We were immediately thrilled with our decision to spoil ourselves.

These goodies were a nice surprise and they made for great souvenirs I still use today. Every time I grab my Cove water bottle, I am reminded of our fantastic vacation.

The gifts we found waiting for us in our room upon check-in

The best part of the room was our patio and its sweeping views of the ocean and resort. I enjoyed our patio views every single day. There’s nothing better than ocean views of the blue Caribbean waters to make you feel like you’re on vacation.

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The epic patio views from our room at The Cove

Which is the best hotel at Atlantis Bahamas?

Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas resort has five hotels and one resort where you can stay on Paradise Island. They are: The Royal, The Coral, The Cove, The Reef, and the Harborside Resort. If you are arriving on a boat for your family vacation, you can drop anchor at the Atlantis Marina.

This decision regarding where to stay will largely be based on whether or not you are travelling with young kids and how much money you wish to spend. They all look amazing so I’m sure no matter which one you pick, you’ll be happy.

If you are travelling as a family or larger group, I would recommend that you stay at the Harborside Resort. These rooms are spacious and they come with your own complete kitchen and have available laundry facilities.

Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review

Since we were travelling without kids, we wanted a luxury experience as well as an adults-only pool environment where we could relax. Being able to lounge at The Cove’s exclusive pool and listen to the DJ spin without hearing children screaming was worth every penny.

When you stay at The Cove, your wristbands are a different colour, signifying that you are guests of The Cove. This allows you to use their private adults-only pool. This pool also has a private bar, reserved only for Cove guests.

If you are travelling with kids, I would suggest staying at The Royal. The Royal Towers is the famous pink building and it is centrally located as it is the epicentre of the resort. We went into The Royal Towers area every day. There is a lot to see and do inside The Royal Hotel.

Many of the restaurants, bars and casinos are located inside the Royal Towers building. The interior even houses a giant aquarium. Kids could easily be entertained for hours inside this hotel. We didn’t venture into any of the other hotels, but you can compare them here.

Fish in an aquarium
One of the many aquariums filled with fish inside The Royal Towers at Atlantis Bahamas

Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas Review – The Food

The best meal we had at Atlantis was at Nobu. Their sushi was so decadent that we went back a second night. Their Bahama sushi roll is a must-try!

As someone who lives in the coastal city of Vancouver, I enjoy fine seafood and sushi and Nobu certainly delivered. It is pricey, but if you can do it, definitely dine at Nobu.

Seafood lunch at Fish restaurant
The Seafood ‘Tower’ at Fish by José Andrés restaurant at Atlantis

A close second was our dinner at Seafire Steakhouse. The bone-in ribeye I had was spectacular. And that says a lot because I am a bit of a steak snob. I love my steak 😉

The portions at Seafire were perfect, as you can see below. The asparagus tasted fresh and was cooked to perfection. They also have a fantastic wine list to accompany your steak.

The decadent ribeye I savoured at Seafire Restaurant

We also enjoyed dinner inside at Olives, which was yummy. We went back the following day to enjoy lunch on the patio at Olives overlooking the superyachts. I am all about patio dining whenever possible.

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The views from the Olives’ patio are quite spectacular. Some of the yachts are massive and an incredible sight to watch while dining. I enjoyed a Lobster Roll with an Aperol Spritz and it hit the spot.

Lobster roll lunch at Olives restaurant at Atlantis Bahamas

Nobu and Olives aside, the rest of their restaurants were okay. This is fairly common at resorts so not that surprising. My Atlantis Bahamas Resort review is entirely positive, except where the food is concerned. Overall though, we enjoyed the majority of our meals.

The food was very expensive, yet the quality was not reflective of the high prices. Although that could be said for most hotel restaurants, lol! I will mention that due to Covid not all of the restaurants were open. In fact, many of the Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas restaurants were closed when we visited. This was rather disappointing.

One exception was Carmines Restaurant. As you can see below, the portions are massive. We could have easily shared one dish. If you are visiting Atlantis as a family, I would recommend checking out Carmine’s, as long as your kids are willing to share. You would get excellent value for your dollar here. Especially if you are staying in a room with a kitchenette and could reheat leftovers.

Carmine's restaurant pasta dish

Reservations must be made to dine at the restaurants so be sure to book well in advance of your arrival. Our trip was last-minute but we were still able to book many of our dinners online before we arrived.

I’m glad we did because most restaurants were fully booked when we arrived. Had we not made reservations before we left on our trip, we would have surely missed out on some of their fine dining establishments.

Pro Tip: use the app Open Table for your bookings before your trip. It’s fast and efficient and it syncs with your phone’s calendar so you won’t forget which restaurant you booked for what night.

I’d also suggest that when you stay at Atlantis Paradise Island Nassau Bahamas, you also get off the resort to experience the true Bahamian culture by dining where the locals do. The Fish Fry is a short taxi ride away and a very popular restaurant. We walked off the resort and hopped on a water taxi to get into town. It was a fun way to see Nassau.

What is there to do at Atlantis Bahamas?

You could easily spend a week at Atlantis and never have to leave. There are beautiful beaches, 11 pools, a lazy river, lots of waterslides, lagoons filled with stingrays and sharks, golf, tennis, a fitness center, a spa, and so on. Many water activities are included, but they also offer a wide variety of marine activities at additional costs.

You can easily spend a day exploring the grounds and checking out all of the Instagram-worthy spots, such as the heart swing and rope bridge. It’s an incredibly insta-worthy resort with loads of photo-ops.

The Rope Bridge is one of the best photo spots at Atlantis

There is so much to see and do without leaving the Atlantis resort. In fact, we only left the resort twice. Once to explore the town of Nassau, and the second time for a Swimming with the pigs excursion. It’s a thing and it was a really fun day!

During our excursion, we were out on the water all day long and we visited 5 different islands, including Pig Island. If you’re interested, check out my review and 10 pro tips for swimming The Bahamas’ pigs. This excursion met up in the lobby of The Royal so it was very convenient for hotel guests.

The marine adventures they offer include swimming with the dolphins, scuba diving, snuba, snorkelling and more. We found these activities to be extremely expensive so we did not do any of them. However, if I hadn’t already swam with dolphins in Mexico, I likely would have paid for that one.

Atlantis Bahamas
The Reef Hotel and Lagoon at Atlantis Bahamas

Regardless of which hotel you decide to stay in, you have access to the entire resort. We ventured into The Royal every day to explore its attractions, check out the casino and dine in several of the restaurants. My Atlantis Bahamas review of the facility itself is extremely positive. You will not be bored here with all of the activities they offer.

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Is Atlantis Bahamas all-inclusive?

No, Atlantis is not an all-inclusive resort. They call themselves a full-service resort. While staying at Atlantis, access to the Aquaventure water park is included, but food and drinks are not. All meals will cost you extra.

You simply charge everything to the room and receive a bill at check-out. This is very convenient because you never have to worry about carrying around your wallet.

We spent quite a lot of money on food and drinks. To give you an idea, we could have stayed at a Sandals 5-star luxury all-inclusive resort for a week for less than what we ended up spending on food and drinks at Atlantis in a week.

Having said this, we were not on a tight budget and we did splurge on what we wanted to eat and drink. But I will say that the higher-end, nicer restaurants like Nobu are quite expensive. $300 dinners every night add up fast!

The Heart Swing is another great place to take vacation photos.

Atlantis Bahamas Restaurants Dining Plans

Atlantis is not all-inclusive. In the past, they used to offer dining plans, however, they currently do not. Their website does not state whether or not they plan on offering dining plans again in the future. My guess is no, but we will have to wait and see.

If Atlantis does offer its dining plans again, it would certainly make a difference in the amount of money spent on food. Dining plans aren’t the same as being all-inclusive, but they certainly do help with food costs on a vacation.

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Is the Atlantis Day Pass worth it?

If you are staying at the resort, you don’t need one because it’s FREE! You have access to the entire Aquaventure waterpark. This is included with your stay so you do not need to purchase a day pass.

Atlantis’ Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure is the 141-acre water park that encompasses the Atlantis Bahamas resort. It includes numerous water slides, tube slides, river raft rides, lagoons and more.

We thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the water park has to offer. Even as adults, it is highly entertaining and a ton of fun! You could easily spend several days enjoying the Aquaventure waterpark and all of its activities.

There are lots of activities to experience at Aquaventure and guests staying at the resort have access to all of it. However, even if you decide to stay at a different hotel in the Bahamas, you can visit Aquaventure for the day. Day passes to Aquaventure can be purchased for those who are not staying at the resort. To find out if purchasing a day pass to Atlantis is worth it, check out this detailed post.

A Hammerhead shark swimming in Predator Lagoon

The basic day pass starts at $95 for kids and $190 for adults and provides access to the Aquaventure park, water slides, beach etc. The Leap of Faith waterslide is pictured below where you zoom through a shark tank. And yes, I did it. It was an exhilarating ride!

Other activities are available at additional costs, including swimming with the dolphins or sea lions, paddleboarding, snorkelling and much more. The dolphins were rescued from Hurricane Katrina. We didn’t swim with them, but we did visit Dolphin Cay to watch them swim around. With access to Aquaventure, you can also visit the dolphins at no extra cost.

Leap of faith waterslide
The thrilling Leap of Faith waterslide that goes through a shark tank

Do I need a visa to travel to the Bahamas?

The Bahamas’ entry requirements vary. You can check to see if you need a visa here as it depends on which country you are travelling from. Currently, all visitors to the Bahamas are required to have a health declaration. You must have this completed and available to show at customs upon arrival.

Conclusion – Honest Atlantis Bahamas Review

Honestly, in my opinion, yes Atlantis Bahamas is absolutely worth it. My Atlantis Bahamas Resort review is overall very positive and I would recommend visiting Atlantis. For me, it was a bucket list trip and it lived up to the hype. If you’ve been thinking about a trip to Atlantis, you won’t regret it!

I hope you found this detailed and honest review of the Atlantis Bahamas Resort helpful. If you are excited and ready to book, check rates and availabilities now.

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And finally, should you decide to enjoy a visit to the Atlantis Bahamas resort, check out these 15 epic day trips in Nassau you could enjoy during your vacation as well as my ultimate packing list for what to bring to Atlantis Bahamas. I guarantee that it will be the trip of a lifetime!

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Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review
Atlantis Bahamas Resort Review