A Directory of Black-Owned Businesses in Vancouver, BC Canada

Updated November 2022

I have compiled a list of as many black-owned businesses in Vancouver as I could find. I have categorized them to make it easy to find what you are looking for. Each business name is clickable so you can easily navigate to them. This way you are immediately directed to their website or social media making it easy for you to support them.

My hope is that this directory of black-owned businesses makes it easier to actually find and support these businesses in Vancouver rather than just share their names on Instagram for a fleeting moment.

Note that this post does NOT contain any affiliate links, nor was it sponsored in any way.

“We are all one race, the human race.”

Jane Elliot

Black-Owned Businesses in Vancouver

Black-owned restaurants in Vancouver
Vancouver currently has 13 black-owned restaurants


Calabash Bistro | Cafe d’Afrique | Kilimanjaro Snack House | Axum Ethiopian | Gojo Ethiopian Cafe | Harambe Ethiopian | The Loft Lounge | Juke Fried Chicken | Northpaw Brew | Beet Box | Riddim and Spice | The Lion’s Den Cafe | I and I Jamaican

Beauty Salons and Barbers

Ammerose | Dulce Beauty Bar | Ice Kol Kut | Afro Hair Studio | All Class Beauty | Slayed by MK | Jaye Mcleod Hair | Axis Hair Love | Her Royal Hair | Breathing Space Bodywork | Jaye McLeod Hair

Fitness and Wellness

Mind Movement Mobility is a black-owned personal training and fascial stretch therapy business in Vancouver.
Mind Movement Mobility offers Personal Training and Fascial Stretch Therapy sessions

Dora Kamau Mindfulness | Akeemo Therapy | BKP Counselling & Consulting | Mind Movement Mobility | Solinga Wellness | Koboko Fitness

Real Estate & Home Services

Run Star Property Services | Marce Miller Real Estate | Kirby Fabien Financial Consultant

Black-Owned Online Stores

If you don’t live in Vancouver, you can still support many of these businesses by shopping for their products online.

Irie Herbz Apothecary | Batiqua Textiles | Kali Works | Khimia Designs | Sleepless Mindz Clothing | Bounce Back Jewelry | Akeem Rich Sol Foods | Farafena Superfoods | Raphael’s Gourmet Foods | Mumgry Snacks | Lagos Chop Meal Service | Salt + Sear Catering | Kush Klub Cannabis |

Other Black-Owned Businesses in Vancouver

Dog Training

I did my best to find all of the black-owned businesses in Vancouver, scouring IG posts and searching online, but I’m sure I’m missing some. I also hope that I correctly wrote the business names as some varied from Instagram to their website.

Instagram has been a great platform for sharing information, quotes and striking imagery of protests, but it is a visual platform and isn’t the best avenue to share business information and website links. When shared in IG stories, they are temporary. You can’t easily share links on IG posts or click on anything embedded in an image.

These limitations make it difficult to actually find these businesses, let alone support them. This is why I created this directory, which I am constantly updating.

If you know of more black-owned businesses in Vancouver, please write in the comments below or contact me and let me know. I will continue to update this post on an ongoing basis.

*Negative comments of any kind will NOT be tolerated. They will be deleted immediately.

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