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Luxury dining in a cenote is now possible in the Mayan Riviera, Mexico

The Shibari Tulum Hotel, a luxury retreat located in the middle of the majestic Mayan jungle, elevates the destination’s gastronomy with the opening of the exclusive ATTA Restaurant & Tuuch Cenote Club, a combination of haute cuisine with the magical surrounding of an extraordinary natural cenote. The perfect place to awaken the senses.

What is a cenote?

Before we go any further into this spectacular dining experience, I want to make sure you know what a cenote is. I have written lots about Mexico and its magical cenotes, but in case you’ve missed those earlier posts, a cenote is a freshwater sinkhole.

These natural bodies of water are found in plentitude in the Mayan jungle, specifically in Tulum. I try and go swimming or snorkelling in a cenote every time I visit Mexico, that’s how much I love them!

Jumping in a cenote

As one who adores swimming in cenotes, I am very curious about the opportunity to dine inside a cenote restaurant. I haven’t yet experienced ATTA but you know I’m going to on my next visit! And when I do, I’ll be sure to write a full review with my experience so stay tuned for that.

ATTA Cenote Restaurant in Tulum

ATTA’s cuisine combines local ingredients and ancient recipes to create an authentic and unparalleled culinary experience. It is a free cuisine, a fusion of international food accented with home ingredients of the Yucatan Peninsula.

It is a cuisine governed by local seasonal flavours and ancient recipes. Therefore, the menu constantly changes to surprise, delight and pamper diners.

Diego Isunza is the Executive Chef at Shibari Tulum. He leads the kitchen with his own style acquired over more than 12 years of experience as a chef and culinary advisor. He has worked in world-renowned restaurants such as Pujol, Nicos, Morimoto and Restaurantes Azul, present in more than 7 countries on all continents of the world.

Chef Diego Isunza was named an official ambassador of Mexican gastronomy by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Mexican Government.

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Unique and traditional dishes offered at this cenote restaurant

ATTA offers dishes designed especially for Shibari such as roasted camembert spread with smoked butter, porcini and salsa macha, and amaranth tabbouleh. Alternatively, guests can opt for traditional seafood dishes such as tuna ceviche or shrimp aguachile. Made, of course, with the unique touch of Chef Diego Isunza.

These dishes are to be combined with cocktails created by the Shibari mixology masters. These offer a combination of Mayan flavours combined with favourite spirits.

Gin lovers will opt for the YAAX cocktail, which has a touch of mint and strawberry. Others may prefer the ITZÉ, a combination of bourbon, Aperol and a mix of fruity flavours. While I love Gin, I’m not a fan of mint so I think I’d try the ITZÉ cocktail.

Enjoying Mexican food in Tulum

“We are proud to have a renowned chef such as Diego Isunza leading the kitchen of Shibari Tulum. He has been recognized by several governments and world organizations, in addition to having served prominent lifestyle stars such as Katy Perry, Ziggy Marley, Harry Styles, Björk, Ben Affleck and many others in international politics such as presidents, ambassadors, tribal kings and more.”

Director of Shibari Tulum Hotel

“Our ATTA Restaurant and Tuuch Cenote Club offer an experience that goes beyond the known standards of hospitality in our region, where luxury, exclusivity and excellence in service combine to create unforgettable memories for each guest.”

Shibari, the Japanese art of typing ropes

Shibari Tulum is a place immersed in nature. It has as its center and heart a natural cenote with crystalline water. The exclusive resort is inspired by shibari, the Japanese art of tying ropes to show emotions and sensations.

As such, its interior design includes knot accents. They invite guests on a journey to connect, untie their knots and free themselves. This is such a cool concept!      

This Tulum restaurant inside a cenote has Shibari knots hanging from the ceiling

At Shibari Tulum, guests will immerse themselves in a contemplative and vibrant atmosphere. This exclusive venue has 64 high-design suites. They combine luxury and comfort to offer an unparalleled stay in the heart of the Tulum hotel zone.

Villa-style rooms with private terraces offer views of the jungle or the magnificent cenote. I’ll take the cenote view, pls! Additionally, their personalized and attentive service focuses on providing maximum privacy and exclusivity during your stay.

Only the best at Shibari Tulum

At Shibari Tulum, guests will find a natural refuge complemented by the best services and amenities. Their cenote club offers the possibility of exploring the underwater world of the cenote while enjoying the sun on Balinese beds.    

ATTA Restaurant & Tuuch Cenote Club are open to guests of the Shibari Tulum Hotel as well as visitors. Anyone is welcome who wishes to taste the free cuisine, awaken the senses and explore the depths of a cenote, or simply… untie their inner knots.

In order to share the flavours of the ATTA Restaurant, from September 21 to 24, Shibari Tulum will be present as an invited guest at the 10th Anniversary of Culinary U. This event in which renowned international Chefs will meet with demanding gourmets in a spectacular setting, San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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About Shibari Tulum

Shibari Tulum Hotel is an exclusive retreat located in the beautiful Riviera Maya, in Tulum, Mexico. As you may well know, the Mayan Riviera is my favourite part of Mexico! Designed as a space for transformation and well-being, the hotel offers 64 high-design suites.

Some of them come with private access to the TUUCH Cenote from the suite itself, unique experiences in the cenote, a holistic wellness sanctuary, its fine dining restaurant ATTA, a KAN Spa with an innovative menu of massages and treatments that blend various techniques, a jacuzzi lounge to enjoy delicious drinks and good music, and architecture that seamlessly merges with the natural surroundings.

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Cenote restaurant in Tulum
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