They say when one chapter ends, another one begins so I wonder what my next chapter will hold. They also say that change is good. As I write this I’m still trying to wrap my head around the emotions that come along with learning that a part of my life has come to an end.

For half a decade now I’ve been a pole dancing and fitness instructor. I love teaching fitness classes and learning about new fitness trends. It’s strange to think that I won’t be teaching anymore.

The studio where I work is closing down. It fills me with sadness to know that the relationships that have been built over countless hours of exercise and pole tricks are coming to an end.

Our studio wasn’t just a business, we’d built a community of women who bonded over confidence-boosting workouts. Friendships were made and bonds were forged. Change is good, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

Woman upside down on pole

Perhaps I’ll find a new studio or gym to teach fitness classes. Goodness knows I’d miss boot camp if I wasn’t teaching it! I ran an outdoor boot camp two summers ago and have been asked if I’ll do it again. Now, I just might!

Perhaps it’s time I start teaching private pole fitness classes at home. I’m lucky enough to have a 9′ pole in my living room, lol! This wouldn’t provide the community I’ve enjoyed at the studio.

Whatever I do, I’m sure of one thing – I will cherish the memories that Aradia Fitness brought me.

I am happy to have followed my last workshop with a farewell party this past Saturday, although it was surreal to lock up for the final time and drive away. I will miss that place for sure.

It’s time for a new chapter in my book of life. I say Bring. It. On! Change is good.