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I am starting a health and wellness blog of my own. I’ve been blogging for years under various names for different businesses, but never for myself. The reason I’ve chosen today to start is that a fitness magazine is publishing one of the articles that I wrote (yah me!) Check it out on my published works page.

Of course, this means that I had to get fitness headshots taken. That’s one of them here, taken by my fiercely-talented friend and photographer Chrystal Akiyama. I’m working on her website and will shamelessly promote it here once it’s done.  I’ll be sure to also post my article here once it’s published so you can check it out!

Miss Kat Andferson

Aside from picking writing back up, I’m a full-time marketing professional as well as a part-time fitness instructor. You can expect me to blog about both subjects, as I’m very passionate about both.  Of course, there will be the occasional infusion of other topics such as travel and, of course, food!

I’m all about living a healthy and happy lifestyle. I love to help others achieve this as well. My goal is to inspire others through my health and wellness blog by sharing my knowledge and inspiration.

I’m forever responding to friends’ messages about working out or what to eat. I don’t mind at all, in fact, I love it! I recently joined Pinterest so I could have a place to file workouts and recipes and share these with other like-minded individuals. If you’re there, follow me!

I also love Social Media and I help small businesses promote themselves using Facebook, Twitter and the likes. It’s such an interesting world we live in now, with everything online and available to us at the click of a button.

It has forever changed the way we interact with one another, and with companies. Do you own your own business? If so, and you want to learn more about my Marketing and Social Media services, let’s chat! Please get in touch with me here. I’d love to chat!