Interested in chartering a yacht? Let’s dispel some top misconceptions about renting a yacht.

I’ll be honest with you, the thought of how to charter a yacht had never crossed my mind. Until a friend of mine asked if I wanted to join their Greek Island Sailing Trip. Um, hello?! Of course, I do! I had never considered a sailing trip with friends, but I’m sure glad I did. It was amazing.

If you don’t have a friend who is also a Captain, you’re in luck. Dream Yacht Worldwide, (DYW) one of the world’s leading ocean tourism companies, is making sailing and sea travel accessible to everyone all around the globe.

With personal sailing trips continuing to gain popularity in 2023, the company DYW offers the most destinations and one of the largest and most diverse sailing, yacht, and boating fleets in the world – an opportunity for groups of family and friends to get out of a traditional house rental and out on the water.

How to charter a yacht in Greece
One of the many epic sunsets we saw when we chartered a yacht in Greece.

Here are the top misconceptions or concerns DYW often hears when travellers consider booking sailing charters. Let’s address these concerns about how to charter a yacht and get you thinking about renting a yacht for your own epic vacation on the open waters.

Trending spring break vacation ideas for 2023 were to avoid the crowds by getting out on the water. Spring break may be over, but summer vacations are on the horizon. I love planning a tropical vacation for fall and winter when it’s cold in Vancouver, but hot and sunny elsewhere.

Is sailing difficult to learn? It looks hard.

This is a common misconception but is far from being accurate. If you can enter a boat, you can sail. Sea trips are for everyone, no experience is necessary when you book a skippered charter, which allows travellers to enjoy quality time together and not have to worry about sailing skills. 

When you book a skippered charter, that means you get your own captain. You don’t need to worry about driving the yacht, you just sit back, relax and drink margaritas on the deck. Sounds like heaven, right? 😉

Some sailing trips include lessons for those who are curious about learning the ropes. And those travelling with experienced sailors can take advantage of Dream Yacht’s bareboat options. You have tons of options when it comes to how to charter a yacht for your dream vacation.

I volunteered to climb the mast. Look up to the very top, that’s me!

How many passengers can a private yacht carry?

Families are typically relieved to know that Dream Yacht Worldwide offers spacious catamarans that fit up to 12-14 people comfortably. Many catamarans have cabins that have their own private bathroom as well. 

When my friends and I sailed through the Greek Islands, our catamaran had four separate bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. We had enough space for all eight of us and never felt too cramped.

Catamaran in the ocean
Photo credit: Dream Yacht Worldwide

What will I see when I charter a yacht?

The sea is the medium, you get to visit many places and discover areas on land that you cannot access without travelling by water. Chartering a boat is definitely not boring. It’s an excellent way to discover lesser-known areas.

Dream Yacht operates in 52 destinations worldwide, with a fleet of more than 900 monohulls and catamarans. There is something for every type of traveller in destinations across the globe.

One major advantage to travelling via boat is that you can gain access to remote areas that are only accessible via the water. It’s also pretty neat to cruise up to a beach club on a yacht, dock for a few hours, then get whisked away into the sunset.

Arriving at a private beach in Greece on our chartered yacht
Arriving at a private beach with our charted yacht anchored in the bay.

One of my favourite things to do every night was stargazing. It’s unbelievable how many stars you can see in the sky when it’s pitch black outside on the open waters. But if dropping anchor in the middle of the ocean scares you, don’t worry that’s not what you do.

Most nights you will likely dock somewhere, but if you are dropping anchor, you’ll be in a protected bay with others boats. You’re never just floating around the ocean at night.

Are sailing trips boring?

Charter trips can be as exciting and as full of adventure as travellers prefer. It is a unique experience and it requires a certain adventurous mindset. I can tell you that I was never bored during my 7-day sailing trip. Days at sea were spent sunbathing, relaxing and enjoying the open waters.

There are many water sports and team-building activities that groups can participate in, plus plenty of opportunities to relax and unwind on board. It allows travellers to see the world from a different perspective.

spring break vacation ideas on the water
Photo credit: Dream Yacht Worldwide

More questions you may have about how to charter a yacht

Can anyone charter a yacht?

Yes! Absolutely anyone can charter a yacht. If you aren’t familiar with sailing, you can hire a Captain to drive the yacht for you. Some larger yachts will even come with a full crew. It’s up to you how much, or how little, work you do.

What is included when you charter a yacht?

This will vary from company to company so it’s best to check what’s included before you book. Some will include meals and drinks, while others don’t. Since our friend was the Captain, our rental was simply for the yacht and we organized and brought everything with us.

I will admit that this takes quite a bit of planning so if you want a stress-free vacation, let someone else do the planning for you.

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