Wellness travel is no longer a trend, it’s here to stay and eco-wellness experiences are popping up worldwide.

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PARKROYAL COLLECTION Hotels & Resorts launches its Eco-Wellness experiences programme to inspire conscious living and personal wellness in the everyday.

Known for its commitment to sustainable hospitality that reconnects with nature, the brand’s signature programme presents a range of experiences as part of the guest journey in the hotel.

These experiences are driven by the five senses – scent, sound, sight, taste and touch. With eco-wellness at the centre of the brand, the programme is designed around its hotels’ iconic biophilic design, sustainability and well-being.

“Today’s consumers are growing more aware of the importance of better health and well-being. It is essential that we take time to re-center and practice greater mindfulness.  Even small changes in our daily lives can have a big impact on our well-being and the environment. Through PARKROYAL COLLECTION’s Eco-Wellness experiences, we hope to inspire our guests to live well without compromising the environment,”

said Ms. Cinn Tan, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer of Pan Pacific Hotels Group.

What are some eco-wellness experiences?

As part of its multi-sensorial programme, Eco-Wellness includes an iconic biophilic design, sound design that enhances the biophilic atmosphere, optimizing art appreciation to promote well-being, St Gregory spa experience and wellness activities, conscious dining and mindful drinking, restful sleep and brand signature scent.

The balanced blend of rosebush, lavender, green vetiver and warm white cedarwood will soon greet all who enter PARKROYAL COLLECTION hotels, inviting guests into a natural and calming atmosphere enhanced by the curated sound design and public art showcases. PARKROYAL COLLECTION hotels will be introducing the scent later this year.

Sleep riturals are a big part of eco-wellness experiences

Sleep rituals are an important eco-wellness experience

Restful sleep is fundamental to having optimal health and feeling recharged. Natural aromatic herbs that aid in improving sleep quality can help improve your sleep when used properly.

Freshly harvested from its Urban Farm, soothing herbs such as thyme, bergamot lime, mint and rosemary are offered as part of PARKROYAL COLLECTION’s new Sleep Ritual turndown service. Guests can gently rub the fresh herb leaves to release the therapeutic aroma and choose to brew the herbs in a fresh pot of tea.

The turndown amenity includes a scented pillow pouch created in partnership with FLO. FLO is a home-grown brand that specializes in natural essential oils and herb-scented products. The scented pouches are infused with natural essential oils.

Place the pouch next to your pillow to help calm your body and mind for a good night’s rest. This service will be available for guests staying in COLLECTION Club Rooms and higher categories. It will also be available for Titanium and Platinum members of Pan Pacific DISCOVERY.

Dinner at an eco-wellness retreat

Conscious dining, mindful drinking

Eating and drinking can be deliciously guilt-free. Practising mindfulness in dining can encourage greater enjoyment of food and drink – whether in appreciating the food presentation or relishing its robust flavours.  

As part of the Eco-Wellness programme, PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore curates a selection of dishes as part of the dining experience from locally sourced fresh produce and farm-to-table harvests for the menu to promote sustainability and healthy consumption.

Accompanying these dishes is a cocktail and mocktail made with freshly picked ingredients from the hotel’s Urban Farm. These options are available at Peppermint restaurant and Portman’s Bar.

Sustainable hospitality through signature urban farms

As a leader in sustainable hospitality, PARKROYAL COLLECTION will soon welcome brand-new Urban Farms at PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore and PARKROYAL COLLECTION Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Joining PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore’s Urban Farm, they will supply each hotel with unique farm-to-table, farm-to-bar and farm-to-spa experiences.

At PARKROYAL COLLECTION Marina Bay, Singapore’s Urban Farm offers more than 60 varieties of herbs, vegetables and greens. They supply up to 20% of the hotel’s restaurants, bar and spa’s green ingredients.

Operated in partnership with the local agriculture organization Edible Garden City Urban Farms in Singapore, the harvests are maintained and rotated seasonally.

A pioneer of sustainable hospitality, Pan Pacific Hotels Group is paving the way for an eco-friendlier future throughout its portfolio, led by the green, innovative design and practices in its PARKROYAL COLLECTION brand of hotels.

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