“You are only one decision away from an entirely different life.”

This has been one of the most profound quotes I’ve come across. Think about it for a second, because it’s true. If you truly aren’t happy, make a change. You are in control of your life, so take the wheel and start driving in the direction you want to go.

Life is full of decisions, and each one can take us in a new direction. The great thing about this is that if you dislike where your life is currently headed, make a change! It’s that simple. It may not always be easy, that’s for sure, but it will be worth it.

Change isn’t always easy, but it is almost always worth it.

We cannot control what happens in life, only how we react to it. And always remember that no action is also a decision – a decision to do nothing. It might be an easy road, but it’s not usually the most rewarding one.

Change is exciting – embrace it! You never know where you’ll end up.