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Will it Matter in 5 years?

Quote of the month – October If it won’t matter in 5 years, don’t spend more than 5 minutes being upset or angry about it. Interesting concept, right? I read this... Read More

Should you boycott success?

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Be Yourself – Everyone Else is Already Taken

Quote of the month – September Continuing on last month’s theme of not comparing yourself to others, I bring you this month’s quote, which was famously stated by poet Oscar... Read More

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Quote of the month – August Do not compare yourself to others. Only compare yourself to the ‘you’ of yesterday. Read this quote, then read it again. In today’s overly... Read More

Are Staycations the New Vacation? Staycation Tips and Ideas

Staycation tips and ideas for your ideal vacation at home For many people, money plays a significant role in the type of vacation that they take. If they take one... Read More

What You Allow Will Continue – Why Boundaries Are So Important

Creating boundaries teaches others how to treat us with respect “What you allow is what will continue.” This is such a powerful quote. You may not realize it, but it... Read More

Sleep is Important – How to Get Better Sleep Quality

We all know that sleep is important so here’s how to get a better night’s rest Article updated May 2023 Do you often lay awake at night, tossing and turning,... Read More