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What You Allow Will Continue – Why Boundaries Are So Important

Creating boundaries teaches others how to treat us with respect Post updated January 2024 “What you allow is what will continue.” This is such a powerful quote. You may not... Read More

Sleep is Important – How to Get Better Sleep Quality

We all know that sleep is important so here’s how to get a better night’s rest Article updated March 2024 Do you often lay awake at night, tossing and turning,... Read More

You Are Only Ever One Decision Away From a New Life

“You are only one decision away from an entirely different life.” This has been one of the most profound quotes I’ve come across. Think about it for a second, because... Read More

Summer Fun in BC – Hiking, Swimming and Surfing

I’ve had a pretty crazy, busy summer so I apologize (once again) for the delay in posting! My life is always crazy busy, but sometimes it’s overwhelming and lately has... Read More

I’m the newest Brand Ambassador for Vancouver company Public Myth

I have some very exciting news to report! This past Saturday I met with the owner and founder of Public Myth, a local Vancouver company that makes fitness clothing. We... Read More

Abs are made in the kitchen. Or are they?

I’m sure you’ve heard the common phrase, “Abs are made in the kitchen, not the gym.” I have been giving this sentence a lot of thought lately. While the premise... Read More

I Found a Good Tabata Exercise!

As promised, this is my third, and likely, final Tabata review.  In my first review, Trying a Tabata workout, I wasn’t convinced. Ditto my Second Tabata review, but as they... Read More