I rarely post guest posts, but travel is finally reopening and everyone is excited to get out there and explore. An article on how to plan the ultimate national park trip seems like a perfect fit. I love exploring national parks and some of these are on my travel bucketlist for once the borders reopen. In the meantime, let’s start planning!

In full transparency, this post was provided by Say Insurance. There is no affiliate link and I am not getting remunerated for this post, I am simply a firm believer in purchasing travel insurance. Plus, I think their infographic is super cute! Anything can happen when you’re traveling, especially when you’re adventurous. I always buy travel insurance and encourage others to as well.

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National park trip planning

Guest post by Sean Ferrell, sponsored by Say Insurance

National parks, with all their trees, rivers, and other natural gems, seem to blend together. Differentiating them is a challenge — and that’s only the first step to planning a retreat that will be remembered forever. 

Sure, you can default to the top national parks on every person’s list. But why not make an adventure more adventurous? Seek less-traveled destinations to pioneer and tell unique stories only possible on the outskirts of Maine or within the heart of Atlanta. Some national parks look the same on the surface, but there’s more to look at past the waterfall.  

What’s the weather going to look like? The accommodations? The fees? There’s a lot to consider, but planning isn’t always a downer. You can discover what makes each park the right fit for your interests! Read the graphic below to prepare for your national park adventure.

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Have you already explored any of these national park trips? If not, are any of these national parks on your list? Bryce Canyon in Utah is on mine! I haven’t made it there yet, but last summer I explored some of Canada’s national parks. Check out my itinerary for how to spend five days in the Rocky Mountains.