This Little Rock Arkansas dog park bar is the place to be with your canine companion.

I travelled to Arkansas for a travel writer’s conference and I came across the most amazing place – an indoor/outdoor dog park bar. Yes, you read that right. It was a restaurant and bar, as well as a dog park in Little Rock, Arkansas. Puppies and pints in the same place. Genius.

On a sweltering hot summer day or less-than-perfect rainy day, you can forego walking your dog outside and instead head indoors to Bark Bar. This indoor/outdoor dog park offers space for your fur baby to play. They also serve food and drinks to humans too.

You can enjoy a pint and watch the game on one of their three big-screen TVs while Fido frolics with his new BFFs. What a great way to spend an afternoon!

Dog Park Bar in Little Rock, AR

Images of dogs on wall at Bark Bar
Pictures of the Kickstarter investors and their canine companions are showcased on the wall

What began as a Kickstarter campaign has fully materialized into a haven for dogs and their guardians. Too hot? Too cold? Or simply too lazy to take your dog for a walk? Don’t fret, Bark Bar has your back.

Who is allowed to visit this dog park bar?

Everyone is welcome! All breeds of dogs are welcome to come and play here. I love that they include all breeds and don’t discriminate based on breed or size. All you have to ensure is that their vaccines are current and that they are well-behaved.

Bark Bar caters to visitors as well as locals, both with or without canine companions. If you’re in the area and you don’t have a dog, what a great way to get some puppy cuddles for the day. As someone who grew up with dogs, but doesn’t currently have one, I absolutely love this idea.

A day pass costs $7 for a dog. Their humans are free as I can only assume they tend to pay their dues in pints and dogs, hot dogs that is.

Outdoor play space for dogs
The obstacle-filled outdoor play space, separated from the inside by a large garage door

Why don’t more cities have dog park bars?

Sadly, this idea violates the health act in other cities and countries. I have noticed that Europe is much more dog-friendly than a lot of North America. Simply put, their rules are different.

I would love to see a dog-friendly bar near me in Vancouver; however, it violates the BC Health Act which states “an operator of food premises must not permit live animals to be on the premises.” Maybe one day that will change. At least one can only hope that we’ll get a dog park like this one in Little Rock, AR.

Until then, we’ll just have to travel with our pets to places like this one. Puppies and pints of beer together are a dream come true. Has anyone else ever been to a place like this before? I’d love to hear about it!

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