Bespoke floral art along Robson and Alberni brightens a dreary December in Vancouver.

As stated on the Fleurs de Villes website, flowers make us happy. And they aren’t wrong about that. I wasn’t planning to visit this attraction on a rainy Sunday, it just happened. I finished brunch and was going to hail a cab when I remembered that Fleurs de Villes was happening just a couple of blocks away. A little rain wasn’t going to stand in the way of me and these stunning floral displays.

The bespoke floral show known as Fleurs de Villes took place in 3 countries. There are over 35 shows this holiday season. With so many events having been canceled this year, I am glad I took the time and braved the rain for this one. After all, if us Vancouverites didn’t leave home when it rains, we wouldn’t get much done this time of year, lol!

In my earlier post about Winter Adventures in Vancouver You’ll Love, this event was one of the ones that went on as planned. There are 30 stops along the route and I saw 14 of them during my spur-of-the-moment tour. Check out some of the gorgeous floral artwork below.

Fleurs de Villes’ Stunning Floral Displays

I hope you enjoyed these stunning floral displays. I wish I had been able to see all 30 of them, but half isn’t too bad 😉

Which one was your favourite?