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The Best Tasting Tap Water in the World

You may know Aruba for its turquoise, crystal-clear waters, but what you might not know is that the tap water is potable and delicious. It’s so good that it received the stamp of approval from leading Water Sommelier, Martin Riese, certifying it as some of the best tap water in the world.

Water Sommelier? Yup, that title exists. When you get approval from one, it means your water is the best of the best! Aruba’s tap water is so delicious, that they’ve made it part of their marketing. They want to encourage people to visit and taste it for themselves.

Travellers are invited to embark on the ultimate wellness retreat inspired by water in Aruba as part of the Aruba Tourism Authority’s new initiative, Paradise on Tap. 

Aruba Has Some of the Best Tap Water in the World

Martin Riese is a certified Water Sommelier on behalf of the German Mineral Water Trade Association and author of Die Welt des Wassers (World of Water), which is considered the leading book in Europe on water.

His passion for this natural resource has led him on an incredible journey from sitting alongside Zac Efron on Netflix’s Down To Earth and appearing in Planet Water and National Geographic. Martin has travelled all over the world, sharing his expertise and love for water with locals, thought leaders and officials alike.

“Partnering with the Aruba Tourism Authority on this initiative is a dream come true. I’ve tasted tap water from around the world and Aruba’s Paradise on Tap is truly one of the best. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been passionate about water and my mission to educate people about the importance of clean, delicious drinking water. I encourage visitors to Aruba to choose Paradise on Tap instead of bottled water – a simple way to sip in the island’s natural beauty.”

Martin Riese, Certified Water Sommelier and Water Advocate

About Aruba’s Paradise on Tap 

The Aruba Tourism Authority (ATA) teamed up with Certified Water Sommelier, Martin Riese, to showcase Paradise on Tap featuring limited-time bespoke travel experiences.

Both potable, meaning drinkable, and delicious, Aruba’s water is made from the Caribbean Sea turned tap. It goes through an extensive water treatment process to create Paradise on Tap. It’s so good that it received the highest stamp of approval. 

This means that yes, Aruba does have some of the best tap water in the world. I researched it and couldn’t find one place that is a clear winner with the title of best tap water in the world. However, with this Water Sommelier’s certification, Aruba’s is certainly top-notch.

Travellers can experience Paradise on Tap with limited-time bookable packages at either Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort or Boardwalk Boutique Hotel. So relax and let the good times flow. 

Where to Enjoy the Best Tap Water in the World

If you’re looking for a great place to stay and savour some of this incredible water, these two resorts are offering packages just for you!

Aruba’s Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort

Guests can experience the regenerative power of water and nature in the ultimate wellness retreat at Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort. This adults-only resort is located right on the beach.

Harmonize your body and mind with Yoga by the Sea, Sound Healing sessions, restorative spa treatments and more. Then, explore Aruba’s marine beauty through a once-in-a-lifetime private snorkel sail with breathtaking views. Available now through August 2024.

Check current rates and availability for Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort 🏖️

Aruba’s Boardwalk Boutique Hotel 

Guests can embrace the essence of H2O through Boardwalk Boutique Hotel’s water-inspired activities like an ocean-wave massage and a 3-course sea-inspired lunch. Be refreshed with a floating meditation session. And discover sustainable luxury with this unique coastal retreat that goes beyond the ordinary. 

This family-friendly resort is located in the entertainment district, near the beach. It’s eco-certified and was refurbished a few years ago. I love their outdoor showers!

Check current rates and availability for Boardwalk Boutique Hotel 🏝️

The Aruba Promise

Before stepping foot on the island, travellers are encouraged to take the Aruba Promise. This is a commitment to being an eco-conscious visitor to keep Aruba one happy island for generations to come.

The first step? Bring a reusable water bottle and refill it with the island’s finest tap water. I don’t know about you, but I always travel with my water bottle. Sustainable tourism is everyone’s job.

“Aruba prides itself on being a destination where travellers can unwind and relax, with an exceptionally generous culture, but it’s important that we work together to keep the island beautiful for future generations. Through Paradise on Tap, we are working to raise awareness for the Aruba Promise, a pledge to encourage travellers to be ecologically and socially responsible visitors to the island we Arubans call home.”

Ronella Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority.

About Aruba

Aruba has more than just some of the best tap water in the world. As one of the most revisited  Caribbean destinations, Aruba – One happy island – offers breathtaking beaches, diverse culinary delights, a sprawling and unforgettable Arikok National Park, and award-winning hotels and villas.

A leader in innovation, the country won a top spot on Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2020 list. They won this award due to their ambitious sustainability efforts. In today’s ever-changing world, Aruba’s ‘Health and Happiness Code’ safety protocols provide peace of mind, while still delivering a relaxing on-island experience.

Located outside the hurricane belt, explore all Aruba has to offer, from romantic beach getaways to unique wellness experiences and more, on

Conclusion – Does Aruba Have the Best Tap Water in the World?

While the title of best tap water in the world may not exist, it’s clear that Aruba certainly does have delicious water! I travel to Mexico frequently and one thing you cannot do there is drink the tap water. It would be very nice to enjoy a tropical vacation where the tap water is not only drinkable but also delicious!

I haven’t been all over the world. Nor am I a Water Sommelier. But in my opinion, the best tasting tap water in the world is in Whistler, BC. I live in Vancouver and our tap water is rather tasty, but nothing beats fresh glacier water.

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