Want to travel like a boss? Now you can! Explore London like James Bond.

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Have you ever watched a James Bond, or other spy movie, and thought to yourself – I’d love to travel like that?! I know that I sure have. The great news is that now you can! You can have some of the same incredible experiences you’ve only seen in the movies.

Imagine Experiences was created as a direct response to the growing demand for more experiential, immersive, non-passive travel products. The company was founded in 2020 as an immediate reaction to the rising need for more immersive and experiential travel products.

These new, small-group experiences are filled with culture (with a twist) and led by a team of travel industry experts. Experiences feature foodie adventures, musical pilgrimages, thrilling espionage missions, scandalous escapades, and ethereal escapes.

“We decided that if we’re going to change some of the rules, we might as well change the game.”

Ana Araque, co-founder and CEO for Imagine Experiences

How to travel like James Bond

International travellers are now seeking new and refreshed experiences, as well as tours that steer away from the mundane tourist traps. Free walking tours of a new city are great, but sometimes we need a little more excitement, amiright?

Imagine Experiences meets the needs of the modern traveller by offering authentic and entertaining options. These allow guests to immerse themselves in the local culture while experiencing out-of-the-box encounters. These aren’t your run-of-the-mill or usual travel guide “must-dos.”

Travel like James Bond experiences in London

Imagine Experiences is offering three unique “Hero” adventures. These allow travellers to walk in the footsteps of the renowned James Bond. Yes, please!

Currently, the three experiences offered are

Speedboat tours are one way to travel like James Bond

Spy fantasies brought to life

These Bond experiences allow guests to live out their spy fantasies. They’ll spend the day in the life of the most famous movie spy in the world, James Bond.

Guests will meet at a secret location where they’ll then take off for an adventure-filled experience with Bond-like encounters. These include sipping Vodka martinis, perfecting their weapon-handling skills, and walking in the footsteps of this well-known spy.

I don’t know about you, but I’d love a day filled with secret activities, martinis and adventure!

As travellers immerse themselves into the world of espionage, they’ll discover the more hidden parts of London. They will explore Bond’s cars, suits, and scents with a visit to a shop frequently visited by Royals and movie stars. They’ll even get to stop at the “Q”—the House of Spies, St. James.

Meals are included on these tours as well as chauffeur-driven “Ian Fleming” style around St James and three walking tours of hidden spots in St. James, Whitehall, and Mayfair.

Travel like a spy in Scotland

In addition to these experiences in London, guests can also opt for Bond for a day: Scotland Sky Glencoe. This extraordinary experience takes travellers on a journey to Scotland with James Bond. On this adventure, guests will begin their expedition by driving an Aston Martin from Edinburgh to Glencoe.

During their drive, James Money Penny will be brought to life using new Artificial Intelligence technology. “He” will speak to the guests as if they were James Bond. The AI gives you driving directions, flirts, and guides you along the route.

In addition, travellers will meet “Q” and get their riffle shooting skills polished in the Highlands. They’ll visit film locations in Glencoe including Skyfall Lodge, home of James Bond. They’ll even take in a picnic as they indulge in local Scottish delights while cruising the lake while sipping Champagne.

“At Imagine Experiences, we believe that it’s time to Imagine! We invite travellers to join us on a journey of discovery and exploration, as we take them on unique and unparalleled experiences that cannot be found anywhere else.”

Ana Araque

More amazing spy-like experiences in Europe

Other tour experiences available include The Gin Craze, where you’ll savour one of London’s finest spirits. On this itinerary, guests weave through backstreets, alleyways, and grand thoroughfares as they learn about the relationship and history between this cocktail and the people of Britain.

This storytelling is a fun self-guided journey through the eyes of Tom Cat (in our story Tomas Katicus) and uncovers the true story of the famous “Public House” (The Pub) where guests will be immersed in the dangerous love affair between the Brits and Gin through the Eyes and the 500 years experience of Tom Cat. The adventure ends with a tour and four flights tasting at a historic gin distillery.

City of Spies: Dive into the clandestine world of espionage! Uncover dirty tricks, false flags, and Black Ops. Enjoy a Vodka Martini in a secret Whitehall bar before dinner. Embark on a journey into the birthplace of professional espionage and explore the devious world of subterfuge and infiltration.

Travel like James Bond with Imagine Experiences

Imagine Experiences is based in London and offers a unique and unparalleled range of experiences and tours designed to provide travellers with authentic and experiential products that cannot be found anywhere else.

As the first operator in the U.K leisure & travel sector to respond to the demand of both international and domestic travellers for more experiential days out, Imagine Experiences has reimagined the outdated, passive tours of the past to create a range of entertaining, intriguing, educational, shocking, and inspiring experiences.

The range of experiences and tours includes gourmet adventures, musical pilgrimages, action-packed spy missions, scandalous escapades, and ethereal getaways. From the indulgent and luxurious to the saucy, memorable, and historic, Imagine Experiences has something for everyone.

The company’s unique range of tours is designed to provide travellers with an unforgettable and truly authentic experience.

I will honestly admit to not loving my last visit to London and I had no plans to return. However, knowing that I could play spy for a day might just change my mind. How about you?

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travel like James Bond with these spy expereinces in London
travel like James Bond

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